Resident Services

Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS)

The purpose of the Jefferson County Housing Authority’s FSS  program is to connect residents of public housing owned by JCHA and/or Section 8 participants with community services/resources necessary to aid them in finding employment, receive job training and education to find employment, career advancement and planning, credit repair, and to become homeowners.

As a participant in the FSS program you will earn escrow benefits when you receive an increase in your wages, A portion of that rent increase will go into a savings account for YOU. The account will draw interest and the money may be withdrawn when your FSS contract is completed and your self-sufficiency goals have been reached (all or part of the monies can be used as a down payment towards homeownership).

Contact Sherretta Williams, FSS Case Manager for Sec 8 at 205-841-9390; Robbie Young FSS Case Manager for Public Housing at 205-841-4554; Beverly Gaither, Section 8 Homeownership Manager at 205-841-2872.